A brick belfry next to the church in Łobudzice

The Parish Church of Saint Wawrzyniec and Tomasz in Łobudzice

The larch church coming from 1795, built in the late Baroque style. The Parish of Łobudzice is the oldest one in the commune. It was erogated in 1488 by the Archbishop of Gniezno, Zbigniew Olesnicki. At the same time the first wooden church of St. Wawrzyniec was created. In 1751 it was pulled into pieces and the new owner of the Łobudzice village, Żeleniew foreman, Władysław Jeżewski built a new temple there. The third church in Łobudzice was created after the fire in 1795, its founder was the next owner of the village Kazimierz Krzycki, the general of the Polish Army. Thanks to its painting of Saint Mary of Comfort and The Heavenly Healer from the turn of 17th and 18th centuries, the church in Łobudzice is on the list of Polish Saint Mary’s sanctuaries.