Parish church dedicated to St. Theodorus the Martyr in Kociszew - the view from the east

The Parish Church of Saint Theodor Martyr in Kociszew

The church is built of logs and its framework construction comes probably from 1765. It was consecrated in 1783. It was founded by Zygmunt Dobek- a sword-bearer of Sieradz who, on the order of the Archbishop of Gniezno, Earl of Małoszyn and Raczyn Raczyński built it in place of a burnt wooden chapel of St. Mary of the Assumption, consecrated in 1661. Similarly to the former chapel, it was a branch church of Łobudzice parish. It was not until 1789 that the Consistory of Gniezno constituted it a church of a newly established Kociszew parish. Inside one can see the preserved relics of St. Theodor Martyr introduced to the church on 9th Novemeber 1663.