The high altar inside the parish church dedicated to St. Casimir and Barbara in Pożdżenice

The Parish Church of Saint Kazimierz and Saint Barbara in Pożdżenice

The wooden church originating from the turn of 18th and 19th century was built on a frame of a rectangular outline. The first record of the church comes from 1622, when the parish in Pożdżenice was erogated by Wojciech and Barbara Wężykowie Gmolińscy. It was consecrated by the parson Mikołaj Starzyński, the mitre’s man of Łask, the canon of Gniezno. The current church was built on the place of the old one. There are two hypotheses concerning the new temple. One of them says that it was founded in the 18th century by the castellan of Sieradz Henryk Miączyński, the landlord of Pożdżenice. Other sources give the account of its being founded in the middle of the 19th century. It is certain that around 1867 the temple in Pożdżenice became a branch church of the parish in Wygiełzów. The parish was reestablished in 1958 and it still exists.